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Registration for Supplemental Tryouts is open!

Supplemental Tryouts will be held August 15th.  Check the tryout page for details and registration.

Fall Magic Spikers Registration is now open.  Register now and take advantage of the early bird special!

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    Why We Believe In Magic Volleyball?

    We want to inspire young girls through the game of volleyball to know they can:

    - Accomplish their goals
    - Make a positive impact with attitude and awareness

    - Compete with anyone
    - Develop skills that provide value

    By using their thoughts, attitude, and choosing their response to everyday situations and circumstances, we can help shape a positive future of young individuals.

    How We Accomplish These Goals?

    We accomplish these goals by creating a team environment where young individuals are:

    - Held accountable for their attitude and behavior.
    - Learn that the team is more important than them-self.
    - Most importantly, how to respond Big when the Game makes you feel small.

    What is Magic Volleyball?

    We are a youth volleyball club where we employ an experienced coaching staff.   
    - Through the concept of a team, we are able to teach the values of teamwork.
    - Supporting team members through encouragement.
    - Learning how to have each others back when another member doesn't get the result they were wanting.
    - Competing with a strong mental approach.

    Club members get specialized training in the fundamentals of volleyball while also learning volleyball strategy to compete at the highest level.

    Want to be a Member of Magic Volleyball Club?

    Come be a part of our Magic Family!